Creating a Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Workplace

Mister Koffee Service, Inc. is striving to be a pro-active leader in helping local businesses, schools, and universities create a sustainable, eco-friendly work environment thru the simple use of our Oasis International POU water coolers.

**POU - Point of Use (in other words, properly filtered tap water!)

Our service provides these coolers at a minimal monthly cost, no contracts required, and helps all those involved start the process of doing away with single-use water bottles.


We've done the research! So you don't have to.
Simply put, our nation's tap water infrastructure is incredible, and the daily monitoring process (EPA regulated) is unbelievable, creating a huge resource for the American public that has been deemed "unhealthy" by the big single-use water bottle companies!!


Click the picture below to read an article by Corporate Accountability International.

Former New York State Governor Paterson issued Executive Order 18 in May of 2009.

The order was issued to mandate that federal agencies stop using bottled water in exchange for the tap!